Compact solar powered treatment plant which provides in the standard version up to 5000l of drinking water according to WHO standard per day.
The plant is designed to transform any source of fresh water into save drinking-water. Turbidity and dissolved solids as well as unpleasant odors and tastes are removed in the filter block. Pathogens are inactivated in a flow UVC sterilizer and the drinking-water is held in a 300l tank. No toxic chemical are used for the water treatment. The plant is powered by solar panels and runs on a 12V circuit. No fossil fuel or external power source is required. A solar battery is used to operate the plant and a Siemens Logic Driver unit is used to control the system. The plant is installed in weather proved housing and mounted on a 45” (114cm) hygiene pallet. At a weight of only 130kg, the plant can easily be transported and deployed in remote locations.