Safe drinking water with solar power

Myriado Cleantech GmbH specializes in the development and production of decentralized drinking-water plants. We are committed to providing drinking water solutions rather than just selling the equipment.

… Our standard products can be customized to the customer´s needs and we offer a full service package including operator and technician training and a hot-line service. Amongst the defining features of our products are light weight construction for ease of deployment in remote areas and low energy consumption allowing them to be run on renewable energy (mostly solar energy). They are of a robust build to operate reliably in any environment and they are engineered to require only few, fairly simple maintenance operations. Provided you have a source of raw-water, be it fresh water, sea water or brackish water, we have the product to transform it into drinking-water in accordance with the WHO standard. Our equipment is German engineered and made in Luxembourg, and comes with a full 2 years warranty.

Day of the open door 29.10.2016

Invitation to our Day of the Open Door! Saturday, 29th of October from 10am to 6pm. You're highly welcome to visit us and learn more about our new products!

Our standard filtration group consists of a several modules containing a washable pre-filter, followed by progressively finer filters.

After filtration, the water is exposed to a UVC light source which inactivates pathogens. Amongst the advantages of this method is that there are no toxic chemicals involved in the treatment which may cause a hazard to the environment and to those handling them.

Myriado Cleantech is committed to provide safe, clean drinking water at minimal cost – to the consumers and to the environment. This is why our products, as a rule, run on renewable energy, in most cases in the form of solar energy.