Our Mission

At Myriado Cleantech, we passionately believe that the access to clean, safe drinking water is a basic human right. Clean water is essential to human wellbeing and social equality. Although this principle has been endorsed by the UN, there are still 3.3 million people dying every year of water-borne disease.

In addition to all these unnecessary loss of human life, millions of working hours and school-days are lost in developing countries every year because of the lacking access to safe water. The resulting damage to the economies of the affected countries is crippling: loss in growth, scare resources being diverted to dealing with the consequences of unsafe water, slow development.

Providing safe water is an investment into the future; it avoids human suffering and sets resources free for development. It is our mission to make this happen by providing the technical solutions. Our products are the cost efficient, easy to deploy, easy to use and maintain solution to drinking water problems – everywhere and for everyone!