Myriado-Home II

The Myriado-Home II water treatment unit filters pressurized water and inactivates pathogenic germs through exposure to ultraviolet light.
The filter block comprises a flushable pre-filter, a fine-filter, an activated carbon filter to remove bad odors and tastes, and a micro-filter to remove any remaining turbidity. Upstream of the filter block, a flow-UVC device inactivates any microorganisms the water might carry. A magnetic valve makes sure that the flow is interrupted in the case of a power failure which would leave the water untreated for microbiological contaminations.
  • Built on robust tubular aluminium frame
  • Dimensions unit:(lxbxd) 1.000 x 850 x 250 mm
  • Total weight 35kg
  • Capacity 20 liters/minute; 1.200 liters/hour
  • WHO standard or better
Power supply of the UVC flow through system via mains connection 230 V~, optional from a Myriado power box (solar power unit). The electric control unit comprises of main switch, main fuse and indicator light.
Raw water treated with the Myriado-home has to comply with the chemical WHO standards like for instance salinity < 2500 µS/l, nitrite < 3 mg/l, iron < 0,2 mg/l, heavy metals etc.
Higher amounts of chemical ingredients require additional measures like de-ironing, denitrification, additional absorber cartridges for arsenic etc. In doubt applicability of raw water is to be assessed with an analysis.
Water treatment occurs via back-flushable pre filter, a charcoal and a fine filter. UVC disinfection is carried out with a UV flow-through disinfection unit with optical and acoustic alarm in case of failure. Flow rate limitation of approx. 20 L/min to achieve always safe disinfection.