Solar Energy

Myriado Cleantech is committed to provide safe, clean drinking water at minimal cost – to the consumers and to the environment. This is why our products, as a rule, run on renewable energy, in most cases in the form of solar energy.

  • Eco-friendly 90% 90%
  • Economically 100% 100%
  • Sun Power 100% 100%
Solar energy is the resource available in abundance in most regions which suffer from lack of safe drinking water. It is therefore natural to tap into this energy source which can be harnessed for the price of fairly small initial investment and causes absolutely no running costs. Standard polycrystalline panels are used in most of Myriado´s applications.  They are connected to the electric circuit via a load controller which makes sure the output tension of the panel is constant regardless of the intensity of the sunshine. Excess energy which is not needed for the treatment of water at any particular moment is stored in a battery to be used at night or during a bad weather spell. The electric system of any of Myriado´s products can be adapted to the local requirement. Low insolation, as is typically the case at rainforest locations, will require additional solar panels and additional storage capacity. Myriado Cleantech will always ask for the intended location of deployment and make sure that adequate power generation capacities are provided. If required, Myriado Cleantech can also provide a solution based on alternative sources of renewable energy like wind and micro-hydro to power the water purification plant.