Myriado Cleantech

Safe drinking water with solar power.

Myriado Cleantech GmbH – specialist for clean water

Myriado Cleantech GmbH produces and sells solar powered water treatment plants since 2011. Our products are based on the renowned brands RSD water as well as RSD Rosendahl System. The whole product range was updated and many improvements were applied to the designs.

In 2011, Myriado Cleantech took over the well-known brand RSD that has been established for 25 years in the domain of decentralized drinking water treatment systems. Though they were of sound, reliable design, some of the products were in need of updating, taking advantage of the recent technological developments. German engineered, build in Luxembourg!

Rather than just selling treatment equipment, Myriado Cleantech is committed to providing drinking water solutions. In addition to the treatment plants, which we tailor to our customers´ needs, we provide training for the operators and the maintenance technicians as well as a comprehensive after sales service. To ensure good customer contact, we normally work with local partner companies. In Mali, one of the countries in which many of our plants are in use, we founded a local subsidiary, Mali Myriado RSD Solar Water S.à rl, to make sure our customers get the service level required.